Llanfairfechan Gwynedd Wales
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The Dinas Iron Age Hillfort sits on top of a rounded hillock to the south of Llanfairfechan, Conwy County, North Wales. This iron age hillfort is a well-protected site with scree covered slopes to all sides except the north east. Little remains of the stone buildings other than foundations and walls to a height of 12” (30cm). There appears to have been a central enclosure of about 120' (40m) diameter with two additional ramparts on the south and on the north. The walls were about 9' thick, of loose stones faced with upright slabs. There are traces of 14 huts, varying from 20'-30' in diameter. There are terraced fields, more round huts, and a single long hut to the north east, outside the scheduled area. The upland area to the south of Dinas is dotted with prehistoric sites, settlements, standing stones and stone circles.
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