Cwm Penamnen Dolwyddelan Conwy_County Wales
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Tai Penamnen is the name given to the remains of the old house located in Cwm Penamnen, Dolwyddelan, Conwy County, North Wales. In the 15th Century Maredudd ap Ieuan, a nobleman from the Llyn peninsula occupied the castle at Dolwyddelan. Maredudd was the Head of the Royal House of Cunedda with intentions to expand his territories into the lawless lands of 15th Century Snowdonia. After several years Maredudd abandoned the Castle and with his entourage, including his several women and his twenty children, moved to Tai Penamnem the house in Cwm Penamnen just south of the village of Dolwyddelan. It is believed there was a house on the plot and that Maredudd extended the property at the northern end of the original building. Maredudd moved to Dolwyddelan c. 1485 and his descendants were to become the Wynne's of Gwydir Castle Llanrwst. In the early 18th Century Angharad James, a lady renowned for her knowledge of law, poetry and music rented the property from the Wynne's of Gwydir. When still a young woman she married William Pritchard, a man in his sixties who farmed the cwm. After being widowed she continued to farm the valley for the remainder of her life. It is said that she would play the harp while her maids danced at a spot known as clwt y ddawns. Today there is a picnic spot close to the house, a pleasant place to sit and reminisce about the old house and the dancing maids of Cwm Penamnen. Tai Penamnen has recently been the subject of an archaeological investigation. Indeed as of 2007 the local historians are still working on the property and work is being undertaken to prevent further deterioration of what remains of the walls and floors.
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