Moelfre Anglesey Wales
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The Din Lligwy Ancient Village, or as sometimes called the Din Lligwy Hut Group, is located on the outskirts of Moelfre close to the north east coast of Anglesey, North Wales. If you are visiting Anglesey and you are able to visit just one archaeological site then I would have to recommend that you visited Din Lligwy.For a pre-Roman site, a great deal remains including the enclosing wall and the foundations of many buildings, many of them with substantial and well made foundations constructed from the local limestone. The massive outer protective wall is almost intact although much reduced in height. Within the wall the settlement consists of round and rectangular huts, probably not all put up at the same time. The principle period of occupation was during the 4th century AD. | The settlement is one of several in the Lligwy Valley. Excavations in 1905 -07 produced hundreds of Roman pot sherds of the 3rd and 4th Centuries AD, many repaired with iron clamps. The most important economic activity appears to have been iron working, smithing and perhaps smelting. From excavation, it seems that the round structures were probably houses and the rectangular ones barns or workshops.
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