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Pennant Ceredigion Wales
Ship Inn Pennant is an historic building in the village of Pennant, Ceredigion Wales. Once a popular Inn and Public House the Ship Inn has reverted to a private residence. It is said that the inn was once much used by smugglers which is quite likely as it is on the River Arth and Aberarth was noted for its smuggling. | The date carved on the beam over the fireplace is 1754 and after it are the initials R.Ll. which stand for Richard Lloyd. (His father Hugh Lloyd of Wern Ddu has a memorial in the church.) | Daniel Rowlands and Howell Harries both preached at the inn in the 18th Century and Howell Harries baptised the wife of Richard Lloyd there. | Why a pub three miles from the sea should be called the Ship is a mystery. The story is that long ago the daughter of the house married a seafaring man. | In the early 19th Century the Inn was owned by John Jones, Tirbach who was the leader of a group of Welsh emigrants who were the first to settle in Jackson and Gallia counties in southeast Ohio, USA.| These settlers reached America in 1818, and during the following two decades over 3,000 emigrants followed them from the rural villages of central Ceredigion. | The original group of settlers became quite well-known and they are still referred to as the 1818 Welsh. | It is said that some of their descendants paid a visit to Pennant following the second World War and took back with them the sign from the Ship Inn.
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