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Red Kite Museum Tregaron Ceredigion Wales
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A Victorian school room has been re-created in one of the former class rooms in Yr Hen Ysgol, now the Red Kite Centre and Museum, Tregaron. School groups are invited to visit the museum and use the room for a Victorian style lesson. Tregaron school room The school room contains: * Old school desks of different types and age * Church pews (Tregaron and other churches were sometimes used for lessons) * These desks and seats are sufficient for about 25 children * Teacher's desk * Blackboard (chalk available) * Abacus * Modulator (with doh, ray, mi etc) * Cupboards from the original school containing various objects such as ink bottles, old writing slates * Modern writing slates and slate pencils for children to use * Some pupils' costumes * Mounted (stuffed) animals of the type formerly common in many schools * Videos (and equipment) on local Natural History * Bilingual information sheets
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