Cenarth Falls Cenarth Carmarthenshire Wales
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Cenarth Mill is located on the banks of the River Teifi between Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn in Carmarthenshire South Wales. The mill sits beside the beautiful Cenarth falls famed for its Salmon Leaps and 200 year old bridge over the Teifi. The history of Cenarth Mill stretches way back in time to the 13th Century, with the present mill originating from the 17th Century. The mill remained in use until 1939. It was idle until 1954 when after substantial repairs milling resumed for a scheme to export oatcakes to the US. During the 1960s the mill again fell into disrepair and it was in 1983 that the mill was revitalised and became home to part of the National Coracle Centre. The coracle museum and workshop of coracles from around the world are set in the grounds of the Mill. The Museum, apart from its fine collection of coracles covers the history of coracles and the techniques and tools for building them. There is also a section on the implements and methods used for the equally ancient art of poaching. Cenarth Mill is in working condition, but on account of the state of the weir it is run only when the water is high. As well as the Coracle Museum the Centre has a Nature Trail, Riverside Walk, and views of the Salmon Leap and the bridge.
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