Llangorse Lake Llangorse Powys Wales
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The Crannog Centre is a reconstruction of a crannog (artificial Island) at Llangorse Lake, near Llangorse, Powys Wales. | Llangorse Lake has the only known crannog (artificial Island) in Wales. This is a defensive settlement built on layers of stone, earth and brushwood held in place by oaken palisades (usually found in Scotland and Ireland) that dates back to the 9th Century A.D. It is believed to be one of the residences of the king of the Welsh kingdom of Brycheiniog, and was destroyed in a Saxon attack of A.D. 916. | The Welsh Crannog Centre provides an insight into the history, myths and legends of this unique Welsh ancient monument. A viewing platform that goes out into the lake has been constructed that resembles how the buildings on the Crannog may have looked at the time of their construction. You will be able to walk along a causeway to a traditionally built thatched roundhouse from which you will have fantastic views of Wales’ only Crannog, the Black Mountains, the Brecon Beacons and Llangorse lake.
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