Meliden Denbighshire Wales
Memorial consisting of mining artifacts, erected in tribute to all miners, but situated on a site above the defunct Meliden Lead Mine. <br><br>Meliden, a small village in North Wales, has a history of lead mining and at one time hundreds of miners worked in the village. The village and the Meliden Residents’ Action Group have placed a pit wheel and mining carts at the entrance to the village to acknowledge the importance of the industry. <br><br> The Slate sign reads: Meliden Mining Memorial <br><br> This memorial is dedicated to the mining communities of North Wales, the Lead Mining history of Meliden and its people from Roman times to 1884, when Lead was mined under this site at Talargoch Mine. The Mine Office and the Mining Engineers cottage can still be seen to the right and rear of the memorial.<br><br>
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