Bangor Cathedral Bangor Gwynedd Wales
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The Eva Stone, 1380 AD, is a medieval gravestone found in Bangor Cathedral, North Wales. It is believed to commemorate Eva, the mother of Gruffud ap Gwilym and sister of Gwenllian ferch Madog. | The slab shows a woman wearing a wimple and a square 14th Century headdress. The intricate carving includes eighty five buttons and button holes. She holds a set of praying beads and lies with her head on a pillow with flowers strewn around her.| The stone is believed to be one of a group of three monuments all carved by the same hand. The other two are images of the legendary figures of St Iestyn and King Pabo. The other two are to be found in the churches in Anglesey dedicated to them. It is believed Gruffud ap Gwilym of Prestatyn inherited land in Anglesey in 1375 and married an heiress from the Llanbabo area. It seems that he made gifts to churches on his new lands when he took up his inheritance, bringing both the stone and the sculptor from his old home.
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