Gwynedd Museum Bangor Gwynedd Wales
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Grave Slab from Bangor Friary. Medieval Gravestone 1250 - 1280. The grave slab is one of three found at the original site of the Bangor Friary and now displayed in Bangor Museum. All three slabs are decorated with floriated crosses and foliage ornament, which is typical of the late 13th and early 14th Centuries. | The first mention of the Dominican Friary in Bangor is in 1251 and it is likely that it was founded under the patronage of Llywelyn the Great. The original site of the Friary was close to the shore of the Menai Straits in Hirael. After Edward 1’s conquest of Wales the Friary was damaged and the site was moved inland. The three grave slabs in the Bangor collection come from the site of the original Friary. | This slab is on the wall close to the entrance hall in Bangor Museum.| G.A. Gresham. Medieval Stone Carving in North Wales.| The Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery, Bangor is now closed. | They are moving to a new home in the old Bishop’s Palace or Town Hall, on Deiniol Road. The new name is STORIEL and is planned to open late Autumn 2015. www.amgueddfagwyneddmuseum.org/
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