St Hywyn's Church Aberdaron Gwynedd Wales
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The Anelog Stones, a pair of 6th century grave stones, are to be found on the north wall of St Hywyn's Church, Aberdaron, West Wales. The two stones were found at Capel Anelog on the eastern slope of Mynydd Anelog (Anelog mountain) just a few miles north of Aberdaron. It is thought that this may have been the location of the original monastery that was established before Aberdaron and Bardsey.| Both stones record the graves of priests. One is inscribed VERACIUS PBR HIC IACIT or : Veracius the priest lies here. The other stone reads SENACUS PRSB HIC IACIT CVM MULTITVDINEM FRATRVM PRESB(IT)E(R) or : Senacus the priest lies here with the multitude of the brethren, Priest.
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