Earl Street Mold Flintshire Wales
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The Daniel Owen statue stands in his home town of Mold in Flintshire, North Wales. Daniel Owen was born in Mold in 1836, the youngest of six children. When he was a young baby his father and two of his brothers were drowned in an accident at the Argoed colliery, and Owen was brought up in great poverty. Owen was apprenticed to a local tailor, Angel Jones. Although he spent some time at Bala College, where he began training to become a minister of religion, he did not complete his studies and returned to his native town to set up his own drapery and tailor business. Owen had taken a keen interest in literature since his early twenties and he published a volume of sermons in 1879. During the years which followed Owen wrote a series of popular novels, and many were serialised in the denominational magazines. He is credited with starting the tradition of the Welsh language novel, Rhys Lewis often being credited as the first Novel written in Welsh. Owen was an influence on many later novelists, such as Kate Roberts and T. Rowland Hughes. He is considered one of the greatest of Welsh language novelists. Among his most famous works are 'Y Dreflan' (1881), 'Rhys Lewis' (1885), 'Enoc Huws' (1891) and 'Gwen Tomos' (1894) Straeon y Pentan (short stories) (1895).
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