Northop Flintshire Wales
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Northop Parish Church is situated in the village of Northop Flintshire in North Wales. There are four effigies set in tomb recesses. One is of Edwin ap Gronwy, Lord of Tegaingl, a descendant of Alfred the Great. Another tomb recess contains the effigy of a knight in complete armour, possibly Ithel Vychan ap Bleddyn a knight of the 14th century, with the hands crossed upon the breast, and a lion at the feet. A third monument is to the memory of a female, possibly Lleucu Llwyd, a lady famous for her beauty in the 15th Century. Other memorials include a marble memorial with an illegible inscription of early 18th or perhaps late 17th Century; marble memorials of 1750, 1768, 1798 and several of 19th Century date, and a brass of 1741/2 and two 19th Century brasses.
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