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Garden of Wales Llanarthne Carmarthenshire Wales
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The Garden of Wales is the first national botanic garden to be created in the United Kingdom for over 200 years.It is also an exciting new institution for Wales which aims to heighten visitors' awareness and understanding of the natural and manmade world. It is a place of international significance dedicated to conservation, horticulture, science, education, leisure and the arts. As a landmark Millennium project, the Garden of Wales links the history of the last millennium with the present. It is set in the former 18th century regency park of Middleton Hall in Carmarthenshire, a 568 acre estate on the edge of the Tywi valley.The Garden enjoys spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and a rich cultural heritage. You will have seen tantalising glimpses of the Great Glasshouse as you walked through the Garden. Drawing nearer, its dramatic size, technical virtuosity and sculptural elegance could not fail to impress. This masterpiece of design was the work of world-renowned architects Norman Foster and Partners. It is the stunning centrepiece of the Garden of Wales. This giant dome of glass reflects the gentle contours and muted colours of the surrounding Welsh hills. In certain light it glitters like an immense raindrop, resting deep in the Tywi Valley. As visitors enter the Great Glasshouse a stunning, unexplored landscape unfolds. It is difficult to comprehend at first ? mere panes of glass separate the familiar green hills of Wales from a panoramic sweep of warm, mediterranean scenery.
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