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River Alyn Rossett Wrexham_County Wales
Rossett and Gresford FlyFishers has a restricted number of places due to the fishing insurance. You may be told that the membership is full for this season, but keep trying members come and go all the time. Family memberships and junior are considered as they arise. Young enthusiastic members are always encouraged. The River Alyn is a small tributary that feeds into the river Dee. With its source high on the Denbighshire Moors, the river can be affected very rapidly by rainfall. The river can gain and lose 2 feet in a matter of hours! So please bear this in mind. An ideal rod for the river would be no longer than 8ft with a floating WF line no more than 5 weight, a 9ft tapered leader with a few feet of 2lb tippet on the point. The River Alyn fishes well to a well presented dry fly. The preferred method early season is an imitation Large Dark Olive size 14; this will take many fish, while later on many small CDC flies will see you through. Wet fly fishers will always do well with small shrimp patterns fished up stream. Remember to respect both upstream dry fly fishing and down stream nymphing, you don't want to be fishing the same pool together! A bit of common sense is required. Don't spoil the pools by disrespectfully wading straight up or down the middle. You will require a pair of waders to fish the river, thigh waders will give access to most areas, but be careful after the winter floods, deep hole appear where there were none the previous season.
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