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The Denbighshire and District National Eisteddfod will be held from 3 - 10 August 2013 in Kilford Farm near Denbigh. It is a convenient location for those travelling from all directions. Set in a beautiful and historical area, there is plenty to see and do locally. <br><br> On Saturday 23 June 2012, many local people joined the Gorsedd of the Bards to celebrate the Proclamation of the 2013 National Eisteddfod, showing the people of Denbigh, the county and surrounding areas - and the whole of Wales - the support and enthusiasm which exists in Denbighshire for the 2013 Eisteddfod. Very few areas have welcomed the National Eisteddfod as many times as Denbighshire, and in 2013, Wales’ leading festival will return to the county for the eleventh time. | Denbighshire has an important place in the history of the Eisteddfod. The decision to create a national institution known as ‘The Eisteddfod’ was taken in Denbigh in 1860, and one could argue that Denbigh is home to the modern day Eisteddfod. | One of the most striking points about the history of the festival locally is that both the Crown and the Chair were won by women for the first time in the area. Dilys Cadwaladr won the Crown in Rhyl in 1953, and everyone will remember Mererid Hopwood winning the Chair in Denbigh in 2001. | The June 2012 proclamation however, was affected by bad weather on the day, which meant that the Proclamation Ceremony itself was held in the town's Leisure Centre, and the Gorsedd of the Bards were unable to walk in procession through the town as originally arranged. | The performance stage on Crown Square, and the hundreds of children and young people performing throughout the day, still managed to attract a large crowd, and the stands in the Market Hall enjoyed brisk business throughout the morning.| Many of the town's shops had been busily preparing for the day, with many taking part in a window dressing competition, to show the support of local business people, and to show the welcome which exists locally for the National Eisteddfod. | In the afternoon, hundreds of people came to show their support and to join in the preparations for the Eisteddfod, which is to be held in Kilford Farm near Denbigh from 2-10 August 2013.
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