Gwbert Cardigan Ceredigion Wales
Cardigan Island is the Domain of the Dolphin, Cradle of the Seals. Come and visit Cardigan Island Coastal Farm Park near Cardigan town in Ceredigion, West Wales. Cardigan Island is in the southern half of Cardigan Bay, 2 miles from Pembrokeshire, 33 miles from Tenby. Visitors enjoy beautiful scenery, an island nature reserve, dramatic cliffs, clear blue sea, maritime flowers. See bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic grey seals, seal pups, harbour porpoises, sea-birds, rare choughs and skylarks. Meet our friendly farm animals including Dilwyn the donkey, pigs, sheep, goats, rare breed cattle, jersey cow, Shetland ponies, Welsh mountain ponies, rabbits, guinea pigs. We also have some friendly animals from further afield, such as, Australian wallabies [say G'day to Bruce, Sheila and young Joey!]; Vietnamese pigs and piglets; emus, rhea and Llinos the llama [Careful! She occasionally spits her food out!! Not very good table manners, but very funny if she spits at Mum or Dad!]
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