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Grosvenor Road Colwyn Bay Conwy_County Wales
Clic web design pure and simple. Are you looking for a website but are confused by all the jargon, and the wide range of prices. Well although one of our websites alone receives up to 10,000 visitors per day, and I have been working on the internet for 13 years, some of it confuses me. But you don't need to know all that jargon. You need to know YOUR business, not ours! We will make a website for you, we will put it "online" (available worldwide) for the terms of the contract, usually one or two years. Prices Start from just £99 +VATBudget Package: 3 page website £99 + VAT. The most basic online presence with the opportunity to expand in the future. The three page cheap website including one picture, 500 words of text, address, and telephone number. This option is suitable for tradesmen, plasterers, joiners, electricians, shops, restaurants or pubs
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