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Long Lane, Studio Gallery Amroth Pembrokeshire Wales
Whether painting in oils or watercolours, large or small, Andrea paints with boldness and sensitivity, with strong shapes and rich colours. Her work is mostly of the Pembrokeshire or Cornish coastline. These paintings of land meeting sea have a strong sense of place, of history and of now. Often she’ll choose to paint a place where man has made his mark : the harbours and quarries. Having selected a subject to paint, she’ll strive to retain that landscape’s particular poetry or drama. The Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy is a favourite, where the ruins of quarry buildings and the deep green waters are resonant with the stillness of its past. The interaction of sea with land is a central and continuing theme of Andrea’s work : fluid meets solid in dramatic ways. Recent works are about the power of water and the swell of the wave. Rather like the Japanese Masters who made life-long studies of the elements like Fire, Air or the effects of Wind, Andrea has studied the movements and qualities of water all her painting-life. Andrea lives in south Pembrokeshire and is a well-respected and recognised artist in Wales.
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