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In March 1990 a Group was formed to contribute in whatever way possible to the protection and development of the Glamorgan Canal Local Nature Reserve and Forest Farm, and to promote the study of flora and fauna in their natural habitat. The Nature Reserve, situated in Whitchurch Cardiff, was formed in 1967 and straddles the last remaining stretch of the former Cardiff Merthyr canal which still holds fresh water to a quality good enough to provide a good hunting ground for Kingfishers, Herons and many others species. During the last few years the Friends working with Cardiff County Council have created a series of ponds, scrapes and wetlands which encouraged water loving birds to feed and nest on them. These can be viewed from two bird hides, which have contributed greatly to the enjoyment of visitors as has the improved access and disabled facilities. A winter-feeding area for birds was established in 2001 and is very popular. Forest farm, including the Local Nature reserve was designated a Country park in 1992 thereby increasing the area covered by the friends to over 150 acres. The western boundary of the park is the River Taff and the Friends have agreed to look after a keep clean and tidy a 2.5 Kilometre stretch of the River bank. All of this area is under constant threat from developments on its borders, developments that could harm the Country Park if not stopped, curtailed or modified to be environmentally friendly. This is an essential part of the friends work and over the years we have been successful in either stopping or major concessions from these developers. That is why it is essential the there is an organisation able to stand up to developers and present a case from a position of strength and commitment. The membership of the friends is presently c250 families and organisations and there would be a warm welcome to any wishing to join and help keep this wonderful locality for the enjoyment of the public. The Friends join with the RSPB for a walk around the reserve from 10
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