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Cwmcarn Caerphilly_County Wales
The Forest Drive road has closed but Cwmcarn forest and its facilities will remain open.| The Cwmcarn Forest Drive road closed on 2 November 2014. This is because 78% of the trees along the drive are larch trees infected by a fungal disease called Phytophthora ramorum, (larch disease) and will require felling. This action is part of a nationwide strategy to reduce the risk of the disease spreading further.| Please find below the original description of the Drive.| Once a mining area, Cwmcarn is now a beautiful mature Forest of Larch and Pine. There is a Forest Drive through it and it provides the visitor excellent views and picnic spots along its length. Why not get behind the wheel and treat the family to this unique and fun day out along the seven mile Cwmcarn Forest Drive. Explore by car, bike and foot the delights of this hidden wooded valley that culminates in a stunning sequence of views. Enjoy stopping off at the Visitor Centre, relax at one of the picnic sites, venture forth along the forest paths or participate in one of the organised events.
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