Sychnant Pass Rd Conwy Conwy_County Wales
Pensychnant works with many local naturalists and local and national wildlife and conservation organisations to foster the public’s appreciation and understanding of nature and to record and safeguard the wildlife and natural beauty of North Wales.Pensychnant is a special place. Here, a 150 acre Victorian Estate nestles within the outstanding natural beauty of the Sychnant Pass, with unhindered walks to the summits of the Carneddau mountains and views across the North Wales coast; <br><br>Here, centuries of traditional farming have shaped the prehistoric landscape and made deep cultural roots; and herein abounds diverse wildlife, both common and rare, in ancient and Victorian woodlands, heathland and ffridd. <br><br>It is an eminently tranquil place, somehow set apart from this modern clamouring world, in which to enjoy and really appreciate nature, and Mankind’s place in nature. We hope that visitors will leave with a greater appreciation of our natural heritage and its importance to Mankind’s material and spiritual well-being.
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