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Gwendraeth Estuary Kidwelly Carmarthenshire Wales
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Kidwelly Quay is located on the north bank of the Gwendraeth estuary close to Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. The Quay is part of the Carmarthen Bay Special Area of Conservation and offers excellent views of the upper Gwendraeth estuary.| The sand and mud close to the Kidwelly Quay attracts large numbers of birds which in turn attracts large numbers of birdwatchers, or twitchers, to Kidwelly Quay and the mud banks of the Gwendraeth River. | The Carmarthenshire bird club recognises the wealth of birds to be found on the mud flats and states: | Waders, ducks and grebes on the upper part of the Gwendraeth estuary can be viewed from the quay. Waders also use the muddy river banks upstream of the quay. Visits should be timed to take account of tidal conditions. Most birds move down the estuary and out of sight within 3 hours of low tide. For 1 hour either side of high water on spring tides, birds tend to be out of view in the saltmarsh creeks. The sewage treatment works has open filter beds which attract birds and which can be viewed from several points around the periphery of the site. For a longer walk, follow the path beside the canal. There are views of a fresh-water pond and marsh on the left side. At the end of the canal, cross the stile, turn right and follow the path to the top of a raised bank. Turn right again and walk along the top of the bank with views of the marsh and the mudflats at the mouth of the Gwendraeth Fawr. This path leads back to Kidwelly Quay.| Find more info here >
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