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Talacre Beach Talacre Flintshire Wales
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The Point of Ayr Lighthouse is located at Point of Ayr to the north of Talacre in the county of Flintshire, North East Wales. | The lighthouse was built in 1776 and was operational until 1844. Whilst in service, the lighthouse was painted with red and white stripes, and had a red lantern housing. It was replaced in 1844 with a metal pile lighthouse, bearing a white light, put up by order of the Corporation of Trinity House. This new structure was replaced in 1883 with a lightship. | There have been many stories of ghostly apparitions on Talacre beach and a walk along the beach at Point of Ayr in the 21st Century may cause consternation among some when the lighthouse comes into view. | A life-size sculpture has taken up permanent residence high on the Lighthouse. Those 'in the know' will recognise the sculpture as 'The Keeper', a sculpture that was commissioned to represent the spookey stories, while others will argue whether it is a lighthouse keeper or a trick of the eye.| The sculpture stands at 7ft (2.10m) and is designed to create an impression in more ways than one, according to artist Angela Smith, being made of shiny stainless steel it reflects natural light and gaps between the shapes allow wind to blow through, creating eerie sounds.| It is said the most common lighthouse ghost sighting is that of the keeper, wearing a coat and cap, seen in broad daylight standing in front of the glass dome on the gallery walkway.|In the early 21st Century the beach and lighthouse were used in a Dulux paint advertisement, with the Old English Sheep Dog mascot, however the dilapidated state of the lighthouse begs the question - why didn't Dulux give it a coat of paint! |
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