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Llanbadrig Anglesey Wales
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Llanbadrig Point, sometimes known as Llanbadrig Head, lies between Cemaes and Bull Bay on the north coast of the Isle of Anglesey. Meaning the 'Church of St Patrick Headland', the church, which can still be seen today, was founded by St Patrick as far back as 440 AD. The original church would have been possibly THE oldest church in all of Wales! Legend has it that St Patrick was shipwrecked on Middle Mouse Island off the point and swam ashore to Wales. Middle Mouse is also called Ynys Padrig or Patrick's Isle. Llanbadrig Point overlooks Llanbadrig Bay, a small cove with interesting geological stacks. The rocky headland is a popular location for anglers. If you are fortunate to be visiting this part of Anglesey you can spend several pleasant hours strolling around Llanbadrig Point. There are marvellous rock formations on the point intermingled with rock pools and picturesque colonies of samphire. The fantastic views of the village of Cemaes, the old church, the graveyard, St Patrick's Bay, all make Llanbadrig Point a great place to visit.
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