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Nevern Pembrokeshire Wales
St Brynach's Church is located in the village of Nevern in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales, UK. The original church was built by St Brynach in 540 AD and the tower of the present building is believed to have been built by the Normans in the 12th Century. An Irish saint, Brynach traveled far and wide before settling in Pembrokeshire, and befriending St David the patron saint of Wales. He was granted the land for the church by Clether, the local chieftain, who occupied the hill fort amongst the peaks of Carn Ingli , where St Brynach is believed to have conversed with angels. Little remains of the original chapel other than a number of carved stones. Two interesting stones are the Maglocunus’ stone set into the window sill in the nave of the church, and the Vitialanus’ stone found near the church porch. Both of these stones are interestingly carved with bilingual inscriptions of the 5th century Irish Ogham script and Latin. However it is the 10th Century, stone carved, and 13 foot high Nevern Cross that is Nevern's most famous monument. The village of Nevern is a fine example of a Norman / Welsh settlement with the remains of a Motte and Bailey Castle, close to St Brynach's Church.
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