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Henryd Road Conwy Conwy_County Wales
St Benedict’s Church Henryd Road, Gyffin| 9.30am Holy Communion| Morning Prayer (2nd Sunday)| 6.00pm Cymun Bendegaid (laf Sul)| Evening Prayer (3rd Sunday)| St Benedict's Church stands in the village of Gyffin on the outskirts of the town of Conwy, North Wales. St Benedict's Church is originally thirteenth century in date, but there have been a number of later additions to the earliest part, the eastern section of the nave. The chancel is mostly fifteenth century with a possibly thirteenth century southern section. The south porch was added in the fifteenth or sixteenth cenury and the southern chapel in the sixteenth. The wooden arcade to the north side of the chancel was added in the seventeenth century. There are nineteenth century windows and a thirteenth century font.| The most significant feature of the church is the late fifteenth century painted chancel ceiling. The sixteen panels are covered with faded paintings of saints, full-length, in red, olive and grey, against a foliage background. They are the only comprehensible fifteenth century church paintings in Gwynedd.|
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