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Llandyfriog Ceredigion Wales
St Tyfriogs Church , the church of Llandyfriog, lies east of Newcastle Emlyn, in Llandyfriog, Ceredigion, Wales. | St Tyfriogs Church stands only a few yards from the River Teifi, on level ground on the valley floor below the village. The church was rebuilt in 1890 but has ancient roots, being dedicated to the 6th Century Saint Tyfriog, or Tyfrydog. | St Tyfriogs was rebuilt in Victorian times at a cost of £1,350, and consists of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch, and a western tower containing 2 bells. The registers date from the year 1725, and include those of Llanfair Treflygen. | The graveyard is home to the chest-tomb of Thomas Heslop, the victim of the last duel to be fought in Wales on September 10th 1814. | Between the two vertical gravestones within the iron railings can be seen part of the chest-tomb of Thomas Heslop, victim of the last duel to be fought in Wales on September 10th 1814. The story goes that he got into a dispute in a pub with some local gents following a partridge shoot, tempers became inflamed and he challenged a local solicitor, John Beynon. But when, two days later, it was pistols at dawn in nearby Dan-warin fields, the victim was Heslop, shot, apparently treacherously, in the back by Beynon who was charged with manslaughter and subsequently fled to America. 'Poor Heslop' was buried in this quiet churchyard, far from his native West Indies. | However recent research and examination of the fatal bullet (which was preserved in the attending doctor's family) reveals that Heslop was shot fair and square and Beynon deserves to be exonerated!
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