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Llan B4518 Llanbrynmair Powys Wales
The church of St Mary Llanbrynmair is located in the village of Llan in the community of Llanbrynmair, Powys, Mid-Wales. St Marys Church was traditionally founded in the 6th Century, but its original dedication is unknown and it is thought to have been rededicated to St Mary in the 12th Century. | St Mary's Church is sited on a slight knoll in a sub-circular churchyard occupying a central position in the old village of Llan. The present church is a single-chambered church which dates back to the 15th Century if not earlier. There is an early bell turret supported by four oak uprights, a 16th Century south porch and a north transept of unknown date. Inside is a 13th Century font, a small fragment of medieval glass, and some post-medieval woodwork. The churchyard is a raised circular enclosure with an 18th Century sundial and grave slabs going back to the previous century.| The core of the church is thought to be 14th or 15th Century, though there is nothing to confirm the earlier date, and there are indications that the nave walls may have been heightened or rebuilt. The one surviving window is 15th Century but it is now re-sited in the north transept and lacks the top of its original square-topped frame. The south porch is claimed to have been added in the 16th Century, though without much confirmatory evidence, and indeed the entrance might suggest it is 18th Century. The western bell-turret, retains its original oak uprights and may have been erected in the 17th Century, although it is much repaired.
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