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A478 Begelly Pembrokeshire Wales
St Mary's Church, Begelly, stands in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The 13th Century church is one of Pembrokeshire’s hidden gems, yet with Pembrokeshire's tallest church tower – it’s not that well hidden! The church is a Grade 2 listed building and is a focal point of the community greeting hundreds of thousands of tourists at the gateway to Pembrokeshire every year. | St Mary's Church was originally dedicated to St Bugail, which in Welsh means "Shepherd" and this may have been the origin of the name. | The crenellated tower provides a striking landmark and at 71 feet high, with 3 storeys, houses a bell made in 1760 by Bayley in Bridgewater and is the tallest tower in the county. The bell bears the inscription "My sound is good, my shape is neat. 'Twas Bayley made me so complete" 1760. | Amongst the features of the church are the medieval font, a holy water stoup and the chancel arch “apparently Norman – built of local stone”.| However, time has taken its toll since the last restoration in the 1880s and unfortunately the bell tower is in need of much restoration, and visitors to the old church might wish to contribute to the restoration fund.
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