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High Street Harlech Gwynedd Wales
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St Tanwg's Church, the parish church of Harlech, sits on the hillside in the centre of the village on the west coast of Wales. The church was built in 1840 and contains a medieval stone font dating from the 15th Century. The font was previously located at the ancient former parish church of Harlech (also dedicated to St Tanwg) and found in the sand dunes at Llandanwg, a couple of miles south of Harlech. The church has a grand organ, a Father Willis organ, which has been in Harlech for about a century and is 150 years old. It was under repair on the day of my visit and hopefully it will give another 100 years of service to the church. There are shields on the roof trusses and a fine cross suspended over the front of the nave.
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