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B5428 Henllan Denbighshire Wales
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Henllan Church sits on a crossroads on the south west corner of the village in Denbighshire, North Wales. The original church was demolished in 1806 and the current larger church was built on the same site. It consists of a long rectangular chamber containing the nave and chancel, a south porch and a west end vestry. The tower is separate from the main church building and a visitor to Henllan could be forgiven for mistaking the bell tower of St Sadwrn's Church for a medieval Norman castle, what with the crenellated battlements and the fact that the tower is separated from the body of the church by some 20 yards. The tower's position on the hill however is more to do with the desire for the bells to be heard far and wide rather than for its defensive qualities. A number of interesting carved stone headstops depicting medieval folk (they are more likely to be local dignitaries than common folk) are to be found built into the church walls and a medieval font is located in the church yard. Saint Sadwrn's church forms part of the Benefice of Henllan, which includes the parishes of Henllan, Bylchau and Gwytherin.
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