Stow Hill Newport Newport_County Wales
This beautiful church originated in 1812 when a small chapel was built on the current site. During 1839 the old chapel was demolished and the current church built in its place, the first in Wales to use the metal pillars that give it such grace and light. The construction of St Mary’s took place around the same time as the Chartist uprising, and chartist rioters actually passed the church in 1839 and ordered workmen to join them, however they declined and took no part in the attack on the Westgate Hotel. In 1901 the original east window images of Our Lady, Saint David and Saint Woolos were moved to the south aisle and replaced by a dramatic window of the Assumption of the Virgin by John Hardman, who worked with the Pugins. Also note the memorials from both WW1 and WW2, which together record the names of 243 parishioners who gave their lives during the wars.
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