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Moelfre Anglesey Wales
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Llanallgo Church is located on the outskirts of Moelfre on the north east coast of Anglesey, North Wales. The church is dedicated to the 6th Century Saint Gallgo and is one of the oldest Christian sites in Anglesey. <br><br> The present churches of Llanallgo and Llaneugrad have been in a single parish since at least 1253 when they were taxed 17s9d to help pay for the crusades! In March 1320 there was a murder in the church! Three prisoners escaped from Beaumaris Castle and were chased as they made for their homes in the Anglesey wilderness. One of them leuan Cwta was run to earth in Llanallgo Church where he sought sanctuary at St. Gallgo's altar. Sanctuary was not granted and he met his death there.<br><br> But Llanallgo Church is most renowned as the burial place for many of the victims of the shipwreck of the Royal Charter in October 1859. The precise number of dead is uncertain as the passenger list was lost in the wreck, but about 459 lives were lost, the highest death toll of any shipwreck on the Welsh coast. Of those who perished 140 lie in the graveyard at Llanallgo.
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