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Llanfechell Anglesey Wales
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Llanfechell Church stands in the village of Llanfechell, near the town of Cemaes in Anglesey. Built in the 12th century, much of the church was changed over the centuries: during the 13th century the chancel was lengthened, and a slab and an oaken bier, having been in the church since anyone can remember, have 1601 carved into them. Two legends surround the construction of the church tower: firstly, that the Chapel House across the road used to be a brewery and when the bell rang the beer would turn sour; and secondly, Colonel Hughes-Hunter from Brynddu used to complain that when the bell rang his bees would become disturbed and stop producing honey. So the tower was built to quiet the sound of the bell ringing in Llanfechell! Llanfechell is just 3 mins south of Cemaes along Ffordd y Felin.
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