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Chester Cheshire England
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Chester Cathedral sits in the heart of the ancient walled town of Chester in the county of Cheshire, England. The Cathedral is a truly remarkable building, with a history spanning almost two thousand years. According to legend, a prehistoric Druid temple existed on the site, which was succeeded by a Roman temple dedicated to Apollo. When Christianity became the state religion of Rome in the fourth century AD, the pagan temple may have become a Christian church. Certainly a church was founded on the site in 660, and in 875 the relics of St Werburgh were brought to Chester to protect them from attacks by the Vikings. In 907 a church was built by King Alfred’s daughter, Queen Ethelfelda specifically to house St Werburgh’s remains. Come the 11th century and the aftermath of the Norman Conquest and Hugh Lupus (‘The Wolf’), Earl of Chester and nephew of William the Conqueror, decided to found a great monastery in the heart of Chester. The building of the monastery began at the east end in 1092, working from east to west; the style of the church was Romanesque....
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