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Nevern Pembrokeshire Wales
Nevern Castle (Welsh..Nanthyfer)is located in the Pembrokeshire village of Nevern in South Wales, UK. In the early 12th Century the Normans under the leadership of Robert FitzMartin captured Nanthyfer Castle, a Welsh motte and bailey castle. The castle was strengthened by FitzMartin as the Marcher Lord established his hold on south west Wales. By the late 12th Century the Welsh under the Lord Rhys had recaptured the castle from the FitzMartins and banished the Normans from Nevern. The Anglo-Normans however, by now under the leadership of William FitzMartin, did not move far, and in 1197 they established a new castle, a town and a church some few miles south west at Trefdraeth ... the present town of Newport. Today, although any timber or stone structures have long since disappeared, a visit to the site of Nevern Castle will reward the curious with a glimpse into the lifestyle of a medieval Norman / Welsh settlement. Although the site is overgrown it is still possible to envisage the layout of what was once a massive 12th Century stronghold. The two mounds are evidence of the original double mottes defensive structure, while large flat area represents the bailey which would have housed the garrison, livestock and the timber structures. Admission Free Open All Year
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