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Bridge Street Usk Monmouthshire Wales
The study of Usk Castle yields important material for those interested in techniques and periods of castle construction; in the activities of Marcher Lord families such as the de Clares, the Marshalls, the Mortimers and the Herberts; and in its association with Anglo-Norman and Welsh history. Its relationship with the developing medieval town of Usk and its priory, along with its strategic position in the Vale of Usk, needs further exploration. Its educational value to a wide range of visitors can be adduced, but it is also a site of special significance to young people, and to university researchers. Usk Castle provides useful material for the needs of the National Curriculum especially in the option Castles or Religious Foundations . Its relation with the medieval town, the illustrations of building techniques for military and domestic purposes, and the stories associated with the historical pageant all provide exciting study and teaching material. Perhaps even more important is the potential of the castle site for cross-curricular work. Its romantic setting of much natural beauty, and with the existence of considerable plant life gives rise to the possibilities of thematic sessions based on a variety of skills and experiences of story-telling, drama, creative writing and poetry, painting and art work. Even the story of its preservation and use by the family of the present owners links the history of the castle with contemporary family life and events.
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