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Castle Street Abergavenny Monmouthshire Wales
Abergavenny Castle is situated in the market town of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire in south east Wales. The castle was sited above the River Usk overlooking the river valley and the confluence of the rivers Gavenny and Usk. The site would have been naturally defensible in earlier times and may well have been a fortified site in the Bronze and Iron Ages. | The Norman Lord Hamelin de Ballon probably built the Motte at Abergavenny Castle in 1087 AD. The original tower built at the top of the motte would have been wooden. Beneath the motte was the bailey - a courtyard containing the outbuildings and stables. | The whole castle was destroyed in 1233 by Richard Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, and the Welsh princes. The keep was rebuilt in stone. | The first Great Hall in the castle was probably a timber building. Within this Hall, on Christmas Day 1175, the Norman Lord of Abergavenny, William de Braose, murdered his long-standing Welsh rival Seisyll ap Dyfnwal.| In 1182, the castle was attacked by relatives of the murdered Welshmen. Most of William's men were captured, but he was not at home. The walls you see today are the remains of a stone Hall built between 1233 and 1295. | The Tower Complex consisted of two towers, one polygonal and the other circular. Evidence suggests that these towers were built in 1295-1314 at the same time as the town walls, using murage grants - a form of tax raised by the local Lord.
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