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Angle Pembrokeshire Wales
Tower House is a medieval fortified residence in the village of Angle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The stone built Tower House, constructed in the 14th century by a powerful local family, overlooks the sheltered anchorage of Angle Bay - more than likely as a defence against sea-borne raiders.| The single-tower fortified residence is unusual for Wales, being more common in Ireland and the Scottish borderlands.| The Tower House was more than a simple look out tower however, as it was a well appointed medieval home with accommodation on three floors, a fireplace and a toilet. It was also a secure stronghold with the only entrance via a drawbridge.| The stone corbels at the top of the building supported battlements or an overhanging parapet with machicolations (holes) to allow stones and other objects to be dropped on attackers at the base of the wall.| It is believed that the Tower House was a Rectory at one time and may have been built by the Shirburn family. | Some sources see this as a tower but others see evidence of a moat and another tower and see this ruin as the remains of a castle.
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