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Towy Valley Dryslwyn Carmarthenshire Wales
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Dryslwyn Castle is a native Welsh castle, sited on a hill overlooking the Towy valley in Carmarthenshire, Wales. The site is forever associated with the princes of Deheubarth, the kingdom in south-west Wales, and evidence suggests very strongly that the history of Dryslwyn Castle is entwined with the rule of the Lord Rhys. | Probably built in the 1220s it was expanded during the late 13th Century, and following the death of the last native prince of Wales, Dafydd ap Gruffudd, in 1283, the castle was one of the few remaining substantial stone castles in Wales to be held by a Welshman - Rhys ap Maredudd who continued to augment the castle's defences. |In 1287, however, he revolted against English rule, and the castle was besieged and captured by the forces of King Edward I later that year, becoming a centre of English administration and authority. Rhys himself was captured and executed in 1292. | Dryslwyn castle was seized by Owain Glyndŵr during the Welsh Rebellion in 1403 and appears to have been slighted in the early 15th Century in an attempt to prevent its re-use by the Welsh.
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