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Town Centre Carmarthen Carmarthenshire Wales
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The town of Carmarthen certainly has a lot of history - being the site of a Roman Fort, on which was built a medieval castle in the early 12th Century - not to mention the legends of Merlin and King Arthur. Unfortunately, many of the past residents of the town failed to appreciate the importance of Carmarthen Castle and as recently as the 20th Century councillors built a huge County Council office slap bang on the site of the old castle. Carmarthen Castle is definitely not one of Wales’ most impressive monuments. | However there is still quite a lot to see, and history buffs will be happy to walk the back streets of Carmarthen to explore what are still substantial remains of this medieval fortress.Construction of Carmarthen Castle began circa 1109, rebuilding in stone started in 1181. Llywelyn the Great destroyed the castle in 1215. In 1223, the castle was rebuilt and Carmarthen was among the first medieval walled towns in Wales. In 1405, the town was taken and the castle was sacked during the Owain Glyndŵr rebellion. It was badly damaged after the Civil War, and much of the remaining structure, apart from the gatehouse, was demolished in the 18th century. | In the late 18th Century the castle was converted to use as a prison. It now stands in the midst of urban sprawl, a little out of place and overwhelmed by its more modern surroundings.
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