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Barry Vale of Glamorgan Wales
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The remains of Barry Castle lie to the north of Romilly Park in the west of the town of Barry in South Wales. Little remains other than a two-storey gatehouse and the adjacent walls of a hall, although pleasantly landscaped and restored. Once the seat of the Norman de Barry family, the castle was little more than a small fortified manor house, built in the 13th and 14th centuries.<br><br> The stone east building was raised in the thirteenth century, possibly by Lucas de Barry, and the more extensive south range is likely to have been the work of John de Barry who held the manor for most of the first half of the fourteenth century.<br><br> The gatehouse, dated 1600-1720, is the most impressive remnant of the castle, incorporating the eastern gable of the south building and comprising a vaulted gate passage beneath a small portcullis chamber. The only significant surviving section of the curtain wall is to the east. The foundations of the north curtain wall were removed during house-building in the 1920s.
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