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Caerwent Monmouthshire Wales
Llanmelin Wood Hill Fort near Caerwent in South East Wales is an Iron Age defended site of considerable strength, possibly a pre-Roman tribal centre of the Silures. A 150BC defended site of considerable strength near Caerwent, Llanmelin Wood has been the subject of much debate by historians. Speculation has focused on whether this complex of enclosures was the immediate native predecessor of Roman Caerwent and whether it was the tribal centre of the local tribe, the Silures, at the time of the Roman conquest. Historians who argue that it was the Silures' capital suggest that its size, strategic location, its nearness to Caerwent and its apparent demise at the time of the Roman conquest point toward this. Now surrounded by woodland, this large hillfort boasts impressive defences, with multiple banks and ditches.
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