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Chapel Lane Beeston Cheshire England
Beeston Castle sits on a rocky crag in the county of Cheshire, England. The 'Castle of the Rock', as it is known, is famous for its spectacular views, which take in no less than eight counties on a clear day. From its lookout point at the top of a mighty crag, you can see from the Pennines all the way to the Welsh mountains. There are beautiful woodlands to explore around the castle, with wildlife trails for the children to follow, and even the chance to find the lost treasure of Richard II. [It is rumoured that treasure belonging to Richard II lies undiscovered in the castle grounds, but the many searches that have been carried out have failed to find any trace of it] With 40 acres of meandering trails through a woodland park, and 4000 years of history at the 'Castle of the Rock' exhibition it is a great day out in the Cheshire countryside. | The castle is naturally defended by steep cliffs on three sides - Beeston's spectacular crag attracted prehistoric settlers. It became an important Bronze Age metal-working site, and later an immense Iron Age hillfort, whose earthwork defences were adapted by medieval castle-builders. The 'Castle of the Rock' - its medieval title - was begun in the 1220s by Ranulf, Earl of Chester, one of the greatest barons of Henry III's England. A defence against aristocratic rivals and a striking proclamation of Ranulf 's power, his fortress is approached via a ruined gatehouse in a multi-towered outer wall, defining a huge outer bailey climbing steadily up the hill.
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