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Caer Caradoc Church Stretton Shropshire England
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Caer Caradoc Hillfort sits on top of Caer Caradoc hill (1,506ft) just east of the Long Mynd in the beautiful South Shropshire countryside. In the mid or later 1st millennium B.C. Iron Age people constructed an oval enclosure defended by two ditches. The main rampart was a stone wall following the crest of the slopes, and the main entrance, at the south-east, had guard chambers and an inturned rampart on the north; there are building platforms within the fort. | The hillfort is also reputed to be the site of Caractacus' last stand against the Romans. Some say there is no evidence for this - but what do they know. Caer Caradoc is also thought to be linked with the legend of King Arthur. In the legend of the magical Cauldron of Di-wrnach, the Cauldron is said to contain the treasures of Britain and a magical sword. The Cauldron lies hidden in Caradoc's Cave below the summit of Caer Caradoc. | Whether you believe in the ancient myths and legends or not it is well worth a hike to the top of the hill for the views from the summit of the Long Mynd and the Shropshire countryside.
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