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Llywelyn Fawr, or as he is known in English: Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales, (sometimes Llewelyn) was born c.1173 AD, at Tomen Castell a rocky outcrop on the edge of the floodplain of the Lledr River. Tomen Castell sits close to the site of the present Dolwyddelan Castle built some years later by Llywelyn. There are few traces of the stone keep but excavations in 1962-3 indicated that the keep was roughly 8.8m by 9.5m, with 2.3-2.95m thick walls. Additional defence was provided by a ditch cut at the western foot of the outcrop. Llywelyn's father, Iorwerth, was heir to Owain Gwynedd, the ruler of North Wales, and could trace his ancestry through Rhodri Fawr to King Maelgwyn ( Maelgwn ) of Gwynedd.
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