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Welshpool Powys Wales
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Built c.1200 by Welsh princes and perched dramatically on a rock above the magnificent garden below, this imposing castle has been adapted and embellished by successive generations of Herberts and Clives. It contains one of the finest collections of paintings and furniture in Wales and includes the Clive Museum, where many exquisite Indian works of art are displayed. The celebrated 17th-century garden was laid out under the influence of the Italian and French styles and is overhung by enormous clipped yews. Many rare and tender plants are sheltered in the herbaceous borders and there are original lead statues, an orangery and an aviary on the terraces. In the 18th century a wilderness garden, now famous for its superb display of rhododendrons and dramatic autumn colours, was created on the opposite ridge. This delightful combination of the formal and informal helps create a rare sense of beauty and tranquillity. If visiting to view a particular item in the collection, please check first with the porperty office. Items are occasionally out on loan to other exhibitions. The perfect setting for any event, from weddings and anniversaries to conferences and corporate hospitality, this unique location will set the tone for your event.
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