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Caerleon Castle in Caerleon
Caerleon Newport_County Wales
Caerleon Castle was situated on the banks of the River Usk in Caerleon, Wales. I say “was” as there is little to be seen other than the remains of the “Roman Watchtower” attached to the Hanbury Arms pub. Caerleon is renowned for its Roman associations and later the Norman invaders used the site for the steep motte of their castle in 1085. The motte had a tower, a two-towered barbican at the bottom, and the strong bailey eventually had at least a further two towers. The one tower that survives is believed to have been erected in the middle of the 13th century. During the Glyndwr Rebellion in 1402 Rhys Gethin took Caerleon Castle by force. This was probably the last time Caerleon castle was ruined, though the walls were still standing in 1537 and the castle ruins only finally collapsed in 1739.
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