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Loughor Estuary Burry Port Carmarthenshire Wales
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Burry Port Beach is located at the mouth of the Loughor estuary in South Carmarthenshire, Wales. | There are in fact two beaches at Burry Port. The west beach lies to the west of the harbour wall and is a secluded cove nestling in front of large sand dunes. This beach has always been extremely popular with both local people and holidaymakers. To the east of the harbour lies a brand new beach that is proving a big draw for surfers and sea canoeists. Once an expanse of open mudflats, it has been covered in deep golden sand in just three years. As a result, when conditions are right, the beach now boasts some of the best surf in the county. The beach has been growing rapidly year on year and now stretches for nearly a mile. | Neither of Burry Port’s beaches are designated bathing areas and are not manned by lifeguards.| Burry Port also has a small popular marina with a high tidal range. It is favoured by small yachts and fishing vessels. Big boats can only access the port at high tide.| There are an abundance of things to do at Burry Port Beach and Marina – a local yacht club, pub, shops, sailing, boating, fishing and swimming. Dogs are allowed at Burry Port beach (2013)
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